The People

Laurence Dickie - Technical Director

1999 approached by Philip Guttentag and Bruce Gessner through Robert Trunz, who meanwhile had moved to South Africa to continue work on his music label - MELT2000. Philip and Bruce are thinking of starting domestic speaker manufacture using OEM Scandinavian drivers. First introduce them to the idea of building own drivers and they introduce me to the idea of launching non-active systems. Soon won over after playing with passive crossover optimisation software. Begin to learn 3D design with Solidworks. Cabinet design for B1 begin to take shape.


alt Philip Guttentag - CEO

Philip sold his interest in a specialist high-end retail business in 2001 to relocate to Durban where he embarked on a new high performance loudspeaker venture with Laurence Dickie and Robert Trunz. The objective of the fledgling company was to provide thoroughly engineered, attractive design solutions in the high-end loudspeaker firmament. Vivid Audio was born.


Robert Trunz - Freelance Consultant

With the assistance of Robert Trunz Vivid Audio was born 2002 in Durban South Africa under the leadership of Laurence Dickie and Philip Guttentag. Dic's genius and intense work led to the launch of the proud successor of Nautilus – the GIYA G1 that signalled Robert’s return to a more active role in the company. 2009 after 30 years away, Robert Trunz returns with his son Nico to his native Switzerland where he formed a consultancy company to help distribute and promote VIVID AUDIO products in the German speaking part of Europe.


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