OVAL Introduction

The Vivid Audio OVAL range effortlessly delivers superb sound, free from distortions and reflections typically found in traditional speakers. From large floor standing speakers, a centre channel application or even the smaller V1 range of speakers, the OVAL range has a speaker for every application

Vivid Audio OVAL series

Introducing the family

Not everyone can accommodate a GIYA in their listening room, so coupled with the demand for the unique Vivid Audio sound in a smaller package the OVAL offers a wide choice of domestic High End speakers. The OVAL line encompasses a variety of sizes and applications, each designed to be on par with the sound character of the larger models. The entire range features the same proprietary, patented Vivid Audio drivers, unique enclosures and the captivating, crisp sound that is characteristic of all Vivid Audio speakers.

Vivid Audio Tapered Tube loading technology

Tapered Tube Loading

Laurence Dickie pioneered the application of tapered tube loading to absorb rear output without reflections.

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Vivid Audio Acoustically Designed Cabinets

Unique enclosures

Vivid enclosures have uniquely rounded contours to minimize interferance with the surface of the speaker.

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The OVAL series

The OVAL series currently includes the mid-sized B1 and large K1 floor standing speakers. The C1 model is a dedicated centre speaker for high end home theatre applications and lastly the different V1 variations - V1.5, V1s, V1h and V1w. The speakers in the OVAL product range all share the same groundbreaking technology, custom made drivers and carbon fibre loaded polyester compound for the enclosures.

Vivid Audio K1 Vivid Audio K1

The largest of the OVAL range, the K1
is an award winning floorstanding

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Vivid Audio B1 Vivid Audio B1

The B1 is a reinvention of the unique Vivid sound - designed to be virtually invisible.

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Vivid Audio V1 Vivid Audio V1

The V1 series includes a variety of 4 speakers in different sizes - the V1.5, V1s, V1h and V1w.

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Vivid Audio C1

Vivid audio products have been designed with home theatre
applications in mind from the start and the C1 is our answer
to the crucial centre channel application.

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