GIYA Introduction

GIYA is a loudspeaker system like no other. A myriad of technical details skilfully combined to achieve a remarkable sense of pistonic transparency and tonal naturalness together with a uniqueness of design forming its final appearance.

Vivid Audio GIYA Reference Line Loudspeaker

Innovative design

Their very shape is defined by proven acoustic principles taken to their logical conclusions, untethered by conventional wisdom and common construction techniques. Every element of the design has been refined to an extraordinary degree - from our patented hand-built drive units, to our advanced vacuum infused composite enclosure, to our relentless elimination of resonances and reflections.

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Vivid Audio Tapered Tube loading technology

Tapered Tube Loading

Laurence Dickie pioneered the application of tapered tube loading to absorb rear output without reflections.

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Vivid Audio GIYA Acoustically Designed Cabinets

Acoustic Cabinets

The acoustically designed cabinets of the GIYA range ensures a minimal interference from the speaker surface.

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The GIYA product range

The GIYA family includes 3 models. The flagship GIYA G1 was the very first of the range and following the wave of critical acclaim with which it was received, it was decided that this singular product should be joined by a smaller sibling to suit a more modest listening environment. The smaller Giya G2 was launched in 2010 but was immediately acknowledged as possessing all the qualities of the larger model with a minimum of compromise. The GIYA G3 will be available early 2012.


The flagship of the GIYA speaker range and the ultimate loudspeaker system.

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GIYA G2 giya g2

The smaller sibling of the GIYA G1 to suit a more modest listening environment.

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Purity of reproduction in a package suitable for the home environment.

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