Colour palette

Every Vivid Audio loudspeaker cabinet is hand finished using an elaborate process to ensure the very best aesthetics and finish quality.

To prepare the raw cabinet for painting it must first be abraded by hand before applying two layers of high body 2k primer. After each coat the surface is hand polished and inspected until it is deemed ready for the application of the colour layers. Three separate coats of the chosen pigment are used to impart extra depth and purity to the colour. After another meticulous surface inspection the cabinet is ready to be over-coated with four layer of the highest quality clear lacquer available. A final hand polish brings the surface to a brilliant sheen before being locked in with two layers of protective wax.

2 standard colours are available, Pearl white and Piano black. But our range of possible colours is actually limited only by your imagination. Having full spraying facilities and a complete automotive paint mixing unit allows you the luxury of selecting a Vivid Audio product in any automotive finish at an additional cost. Vivid Audio, its distributors, representatives, agents and retailers cannot be held responsible for variations that may occur in final production.

Smoothly Contoured Cabinet

Vivid Audio GIYA loudspeaker The Vivid Audio Giya is manufactured from a high performance lightweight composite consisting of two skins of unidirectional quasi-isotropic glass reinforced plastic sandwiching a lightweight end grain balsa core. (We use only renewable balsa). This laminated structure ensures exceptional stiffness of the cabinet while minimizing density. Not only does this keep the finished product weight to a minimum but it also pushes the structural resonant modes up in frequency and further out of band when compared with heavier or less exotic structures.

Other speaker enclosures in the Vivid Audio range are manufactured from a highly filled composite consisting of a polyester matrix loaded with milled carbon fibers and oxides of silicon and aluminium in spherical form. The resulting cabinet is exceptionally stiff and inert so providing an excellent foundation on which to mount the drivers.

The colour palette

Vivid Audio Colour Pallet / Paint finishes

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