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B1 in Hi-Fi World Hi-Fi World - September 2009

As you'd expect of a loudspeaker with unique and usual drive units in bespoke cabinets the like of which you don't see anywhere else, the Vivid B1 is a distinctive performer, inasmuch as it doesn't do what so many other designs at the price do. By this, I mean many others somehow manage to lose the natural timing, tonality and/or phase coherence of the original recording.

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B1 in Hi-Fi World Hi-Fi News - December 2005

Seamless is a much-bandied term in describing speaker sound, but the K1 gave a definite reference point for applying the description. What may be termed the aspiration of this speaker was nigh-on perfect.

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B1 in Hi-Fi Choice Hi-Fi Choice - December 2004

The Vivid Audio B1 proved itself to be a truly world-class speaker from a new brand that clearly knows how to get results. If you want to hear more of the music and less of the speaker, there's not a lot of serious competition.

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