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B1 in Stereophile October 2011 Stereophile - October 2011

In his column, John Marks concluded that the VIVID B1 has a "near perfect balance of warmth and information". In the competive run JA mentions Wilson 's Sophia Series 3, Thiel CS3.7, Revel Ultima Studio 2 and Salon 2 and KEF Reference 207/2. "These are all first-class loudspeakers, whith any of which I could live happily ever after. But if your room is of small to medium size, and you want a less obtrusive speaker (though its idiosyncratic looks do come into the equation), and you value clarity and overall musical communication over gut-busting dynamice, the VIVID B1 is one of the best choices around. I loved what it did!"

G1 in HiFi+ Issue 70 HiFi+ - Issue 70

It's hard to stress just how well the Giya G1 addresses the problems that usually afllict loudspeakers, it manages to seemingly eliminate perceived distortion and reveal the music in all its dynamic, tonal and temporal glory.

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Stereophile July 2010 Stereophile - July 2010

I can't think of any speaker I've auditioned that does everything as well as the Giyas: superb imaging, unmatched dynamic range, holographic soundstaging, and that immutable, possibly unquantifiable quality known as musicality. Is Vivid Audio's GIYA G1 the best loudspeaker I've heard? YES. And it will be my yardstick from now on.

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