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K1 in Hi-Fi Choice - November 2009 Hi-Fi Choice - November 2009

Discovering just how resolute this speaker is makes us wonder if we ever got the best out of the B1 some five years ago. Somehow we doubt it. The Vivid K1 is undoubtedly one of the finest speakers on the planet. Lord only knows how the Vivid Giya manages to improve on its performance.

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B1 in Hi-Fi World Audio Video - May 2004

Could it be that Vivid Audio's products are destined to become one of South Africa’s most important high-tech ambassadors - and one of Durban's most famous exports? If what I heard was anything to go by, the Zulu shield-shaped loudspeakers are set to spread a vividly musical message about this country across the globe!

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V1.5 in What Hi-Fi - October 2009 What Hi-Fi - October 2009

Their mad looks grab you straight away, but delve deeper and you'll discover remarkable engineering and even more impressive sound. These Vivids truly rock. The Vivids present masses of detail and convincing tone in an incredibly natural and unforced manner.

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