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Stereophile December 2014 Stereophile - December 2014

The G3 did more than merely earn JA's respect: it gave hime immense enjoyment and effectively doubled the field of contenders for the coveted title of John Atkinson's Retirement Loudspeaker.

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Stereoplay September 2014 Stereoplay - September 2014

The new Vivid Audio G4 Giya is a real eye catcher. The emphasized curvy design concisely supports acoustic principles for the ultimate sound.

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Audio Video SA March 2012 Audio Video SA - March 2012

Astonishingly revealing, completely effortless and pin-point accurate without losing sight of emotional content, the Vivid Audio K1 is not only an undisputed member of the high-end loudspeaker club, but a truly world-class design that can hold its own against the very best.

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